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TikTok Promotions

As a leading digital marketing company, we specialize in providing comprehensive TikTok promotion services to clients locally in Sri Lanka and overseas. Our unique approach combines the power of captivating artworks, targeted audience engagement, and strategic lead generation to help businesses thrive in the competitive world of TikTok.

  1. Analyzing TikTok Presence regarding our client: Our first step in TikTok promotion is to thoroughly analyze our client's existing TikTok presence. We assess their current follower base, engagement rate, content strategy, and overall performance. This analysis provides us with valuable insights that shape our promotional approach.

  2. Understanding the nature of the client's business: To effectively promote our clients on TikTok, we believe in truly understanding their business and objectives. Whether they are a small local business or an international brand, we invest time in comprehending their unique selling propositions, target audience, and industry dynamics. This knowledge enables us to create compelling TikTok campaigns that resonate with their audience and drive tangible results.

  3. Working on artwork creation for profile & business suit: Artwork is a vital aspect of TikTok promotion as it captures attention and conveys messages instantly. Our experienced team of designers excels at creating visually appealing and memorable artworks for our clients' TikTok profiles and business suits. We ensure that every artwork aligns with our clients' branding guidelines and effectively communicates their key offerings to the TikTok community.
  4. Planning with audience & budget: At UIBS, we believe that successful TikTok promotion requires a well-defined plan that considers the target audience and budget constraints. We collaborate closely with our clients to identify their ideal audience demographics and preferences. By leveraging TikTok's powerful targeting capabilities, we optimize the promotion strategy to reach the right audience at the right time. Additionally, we work within our clients' budgetary parameters to maximize the return on investment and deliver measurable results.
  5. Generating leads by running paid campaigns: Lead generation is a crucial element of our TikTok promotion services. Through strategically designed and executed paid campaigns, we drive quality leads for our clients. We employ various tactics such as lead capture forms, enticing call-to-actions, and engaging content to attract potential customers. Our expert team continuously monitors the campaign performance, optimizing it for maximum lead conversion and ensuring a steady flow of prospects for our clients.
  6. Handing over leads report & market research: Transparency and accountability are paramount to us. Upon running the TikTok promotion campaigns, we provide our clients with detailed reports that highlight the generated leads, campaign performance metrics, and audience engagement statistics. These reports serve as valuable insights to measure the effectiveness of our strategies and make informed marketing decisions. Additionally, we conduct thorough market research to identify emerging trends, competitor analysis, and potential growth opportunities, empowering our clients with a competitive edge.


We are passionate about helping businesses harness the immense potential of TikTok for their promotional efforts. With our expertise in digital marketing and a customer-centric approach, we strive to deliver exceptional results that elevate our clients' brand visibility, generate leads, and drive sustainable business growth.

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