Google Ads & AdSense Promotions

We specialize in Google Ads and AdSense promotion, catering to clients both locally and overseas.


Google Ads & AdSense Promotions

Welcome to UIBS, your trusted partner in digital marketing solutions. As a leading digital marketing company based in Sri Lanka, we specialize in Google Ads and AdSense promotion, catering to clients both locally and overseas. Our expertise lies in creating captivating artworks and strategically leveraging Google Ads and AdSense to boost the visibility and reach of our clients' businesses.

  1. Analyzing Digital Presence of Business: At UIBS, we begin by thoroughly analyzing the digital presence of our clients' businesses. We delve into their existing online platforms, such as websites, social media accounts, and other relevant channels. By conducting a comprehensive assessment, we gain valuable insights into the current state of their digital footprint.

  2. Understanding the Nature of Business of Our Client: We believe that understanding our clients' businesses is crucial for creating effective marketing strategies. We take the time to familiarize ourselves with the nature of their business, their target audience, and their unique selling propositions. This deep understanding allows us to tailor our digital marketing efforts to align with their specific goals and objectives.

  3. Working on Artwork Creation for Profile and Business Suit: Our team of skilled designers and creative professionals work tirelessly to craft compelling artworks that resonate with our clients' brand identities. From eye-catching profile images to visually striking business suits, we ensure that every piece of artwork accurately represents our clients' businesses and captures the attention of their target audience.
  4. Planning with Audience and Budget: Effective digital marketing requires meticulous planning. We collaborate closely with our clients to determine their target audience and establish suitable budgets for their Google Ads and AdSense campaigns. By aligning the marketing strategy with the intended audience and available resources, we optimize the chances of achieving maximum engagement and conversions.

  5. Generating Leads by Running Paid Campaigns: One of our primary objectives is to generate valuable leads for our clients. Through the implementation of strategically targeted paid campaigns, we drive qualified traffic to their businesses. Our team continuously monitors the performance of these campaigns, making necessary adjustments to ensure optimal results and a higher return on investment.

  6. Handing Over Leads Report and Market Research: Transparency and accountability are at the core of our business practices. Once our paid campaigns generate leads, we compile comprehensive reports that highlight the progress and effectiveness of the marketing efforts. Additionally, we conduct thorough market research to provide our clients with valuable insights into their industry trends, competitors, and potential growth opportunities.


At UIBS, we take pride in delivering exceptional digital marketing solutions to our clients. With our expertise in Google Ads and AdSense promotion, combined with our artistic capabilities and lead generation strategies, we empower businesses to enhance their online presence, increase brand visibility, and achieve sustainable growth.

Contact us today and let us help you unlock the full potential of your digital marketing endeavors.

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